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Cloud Consulting Ninjas


Small business owners that were forced to “figure it out” for themselves.

In the process of turning a 4th generation Mom & Pop business to a 100% modern scalable cloud based business we picked up a few things. After almost 20 years of learning new technologies, and applying them to small businesses owners like you we have developed some very valuable skillsets that you can leverage.

We Learned So You Don’t Have To

All of the knowledge we have acquired can help you take your business wherever you want.  Some people want to grow, and some just want to work smarter and not harder.  We have the tools to help you achieve your goals.

Projects We Have Worked On

Custom Development Work
Automated Business Processes
Custom Websites
Ground up custom web development from eCommerce to blogs to business websites.
Graphic Design
Custom Logos & Marketing Material
Developed custom logos, videos, presentations, brand books, you name it!
Cloud Migration
Move your business to the cloud
Moved paper file businesses to 100% cloud based solutions
Migrated to Cloud Email
Migrated legacy software email servers to cloud based email to access anywhere in the world.
Cloud Telephony
Migrated Phone Systems to Cloud
Transitioned land based phone lines to VOIP services for a fraction of the cost, and more reliability.
Smart Web Forms
Web Forms Triggering Automated Business Processes
Helped businesses develop smart web forms that trigger automated business processes.
Much More
If you can dream it.
We can build it!
Your Business

Our Skills

Find Out What We Can Do For You